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Over It

The cold wind, the sting of cold wet snow under my paws, the sparkle of the icicles hanging from the edge of the roof; I, myself, a small dog; am officially OVER winter. For thoughs who don’t know, we live in a northern part of Ontario, Canada. It is beautiful here, with sunshine, tall trees, the lake, fresh air, ample neighbourhood dogs to bark at and sniff. However, the winters are fun.. for like a week, then enough is enough! The blissful kiss of spring provides hope for the warm weather to come, then boom, more snow. It’s just doggone-mental! and I for one am growling mad!

The human tries to drag me outside, for a walk; bundling me up in boots, jacket and the whole bit. I just look at her in disbelief; you want ME to go out in THE cold? I huff and scuff as we make our way down our icy driveway to our street. There are NO other humans or their canine owners, why do WE need to be out here? After putting up enough of a fuss she finally gets my point; and we head home. The warm air hits my fur like a welcomed hug. I enjoy flying into the house, snow flying ALL over the floor; there human, do you understand my point? Snow is cold on your paws too isn’t it?

     Any who enough of my rant for today, enjoy this warm photo of me at the lake last summer.

Missing the Lake

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