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No Personal Space Human

Lets talk about cats and personal space for a moment. If you have the pleasure of having a cat as your owner my goodness, you know all about this, if not well let me break it down for you! There is no such thing as free space, or private time. Though they can be choosy when they want you affection, they tend to pick times when you just want alone time. Nice hot bubble bath? Have to pee? Trying to sleep through the night? No no that wont do, you see your cat over lord must have your affection, and they want it right meow! Don’t get me wrong they are wonderful, I love them so much, but sometimes it nice to have a moment alone.

They do make for some pretty hilarious stories though, for example; the image attached was when Luka was a much younger, much more curious version of herself. She wanted attention and she was not taking no for an answer! She eventually decided if I wasn’t going to give her attention she was going to make me give her attention. In the end she ended up just jumping full till into the bathtub, she wanted to join me you see, but little did she know water is wet, and she does not like wet.

What is your funniest cattitude story? We love to hear all about them!  2014-01-16 18.45.30.jpg


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