The Dogs

Meeting of the Soph

       Well it has been fairly interesting around here the last couple of months; I have a sister.. she looks nothing like me though. But my humans say I have to be nice. So me being a good boy I gave it a shot,  and you know what? I just think I might like this sister thing!

         The humans call her Sophee; I call her hyper ball of fur! I can’t believe it, I just can’t; she was the size of my head when the humans brought her home… and she is already taller than I am!

        We have lots of fun though, however, every once in a while she tries to steal my toys and I steal them back and it just goes on and on, back and forth until I give in. I guess shes pretty funny if you look at it from another perspective.

        But it looks like shes here to stay so I’ll just have to share my toy. hmph not to please about that part.


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