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      Oh the chewing and the nibbles. Puppy teething can always be a tedious, and dreaded time for a pet owner, however, think of the poor pup going through it. Just like a human, their teeth hurt, and they don’t feel well when their teething.

     We are currently going through the same issues with Sophee, I’ve tried many toys, and tricks to help sooth her pesky baby teeth. 

  Some examples are:

  • Soaking a rope bone in water, and freezing.  
  • Cutting sweet potatoes and freezing them- they don’t last as long I find.

I also found that having a wide variety of toys for her to chew, some of the favourites she leans more towards are

  • Kong Purple hippo 
  • Nylabones similar to the ones in the image
  • And the good ole rope bone

She has been fairly good for the most part the occasional correction here and there and she is back on track. 

       I’ve heard some pretty bad horror stories of teething puppies/ and heavy chewers; we’ve lucked out for the most part, when Bently was a puppy he would always find the white apple iphone cords and chew them, I mean like ALWAYS. Some how if it was on the counter, he would still get his paws on it. . . it was a brutal faze. But he grew out of it fairly quickly, and about 100 iphone cords in we didn’t need to buy another one again until apple decided to change them every two months, am I right? 

        But do you or someone you know have a brutal chewer story? We’d love to hear about it! Feel free to send a picture of your chewer too if you would like, we’d love to meet them!

Also, always make sure to supervise your puppy when their playing with toys, you never know if they could get a piece off causing a choking hazard.

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