The Cats

A change in perspective

Me being the fabulous feline that I am, I have done a great deal of self reflection since yesterday; and with a little help from some canine friends- Xena and Lucy. I have decided, kind of, that my human slaves would probably enjoy being human mom and dad, well I guess I could give it a try.. I mean what harm could it really do? It’s not like they’ll forget who is really in charge of this house anyway.

So giving it a whirl this morning it worked fairly quickly, I even got an early morning snuggle before the human dad left, where he goes I have yet to firgure out- a story for another tims perhaps. Maybe this will work puurfectly, there still needs testing, I must see further outcomes to come to my decision.

I will keep you posted as I do further experiments and let you know my conclusions.


The Luka


One thought on “A change in perspective

  1. We sure hope that works for you, Luka. And remember, you have to be something called “sincere” ’cause peeps can tell phony (sometimes). Lucy and Xena

    Pee S. We think your “Dad” might be going out to get enough money to buy your food and treats, maybe.

    Pee Pee S. If he stops giving you food and treats, then maybe he is going out and gambling away all his food and treats money. We saw that on a Netflix show, we don’t remember which one.

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