The Dogs

A pups first Christmas

The humans were busy bringing up all of these boxes. The smell of cinnamon and pine filled the house as they opened them. I couldn’t help but wonder what the heckle-jeckle was going on?! I looked to my big brother Bently for advise on what to do next, but he just layed on the couch all curled up in a ball completely unconcerned with what was going on.

With caution I quietly inched my way forward, towards this big purple thing that the humans put together. It stood basically in the middle of the room and was taller than my humans.. like most things but thats another story. It might sound silly but this plastic, purple thing had the resemblance of a tree, I know, weird or what? The humans even went as far as to put these little toy balls ALL OVER IT! Oh humans you shouldn’t have! All for me ?

The silly thing is everytime I tried to help myself to a toy ball, the humans would say no. I don’t get it, all this work to give me new wonderful toys and I can’t even have them.

The humans explained a special holiday was coming up called Christmas, I’m so excited! I’ve never had a Christmas before! I’ll have to tell you all about it !


The Soph ma-goph


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