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Dog vs Christmas tree

Hi fur fam Bently here,

Let me tell you the tale of a tree so pretty; purple, sparkling against its lights glowing bright. All the decorations hung with care in shades of purple, blue and silver, even purple and silver ribbon delicately draped around the tree. When the humans were finished they admired it, every evening they would plug it in and enjoy the warmth and sparkle of the tree.

One day I let myself out of my kennel, it’s simple really, just poke out my paw and lift the latch; I though Sophee would enjoy some freedom as well so lifting the latch she was realesed ! That’s all where it all went wrong, she ran through the house like a tornado, ripping decorations off the beautiful tree chewing them to bits; ALL OVER THE HOUSE. First on the couch glitter everywhere, oh the horror! With the next she carried them to the bed glitter all over the fresh sheets, she even chewed them in the spare bedroom! It was a decoration massacre, not a decoration, that was within reach, was spared.. she even was able to shake the tree and the star fell from the tip top of the tree.

When mom got home, oh I could see the dismay in her eyes; she scolded Soph then me for releasing her. But she couldn’t stay mad forever, could she? She spent hours removing the sparkles from all over the house, washing blankets and pillows. Me and soph had a much needed nap while she cleaned, by the time we awake we were surprised there wasn’t a single sparkle anywhere, what a good job mum- and I was right she couldn’t stay mad. πŸ˜‰. She even lifted the tree onto a smaller table so it is now out of reach of Soph, but mum says we’ll need new decorations for next year.


2 thoughts on “Dog vs Christmas tree

    1. My mum told me all about it and I was shook ! I’ve been on my best behaviour since and I told her to tell Santa how good Im being πŸŽ…πŸ‘Ό She said he is always watching so thank goodness I still have time! πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

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