The Cats

A Cat’s Experiment

Good morning fellow fur fam, Luka here.

So I have continued my experiments over the last few weeks and I would like to share my findings with you. This all began a few weeks ago when it was brought to my attention that by calling my humans mum and dad and putting in some hard snuggle time that I, in return, would be awarded more food, treats, and affections.

After careful experiments I have found that, the nicer I am to the humans the better the the chances of me getting snacks. That’s right, can you believe it? I was able to carefully compare the days that I was friendlier to my humans, versus the days I was not; I was awarded with many treats on the days I was friendlier than on the days I was not- which for me, is a huge success. The humans would pet me as they walked by, stopping in the kitchen to give me a quick treat- sometimes mum would give me a treat without knowing human dad just gave me one, but shhh don’t tell them.

I think I like my new ways, I enjoyed having slaves before but now things are different, but different for the better I believe. It’s more of a partnership , where I give the snuggles and in return receive snuggles, and of course snacks- we must not forget about the snacks! Perhaps I have grown with this new found knowledge; my humans seem very pleased with this outcome, though they do not know of the experiments that were taking place. I think we all have grown a little from the experience, as that was the primary goal; and of course the snacks are an added bonus.

But I will keep putting in the effort, because well snacks; and of course I love my humans- but don’t ever tell them, I like them to be on their toes.

Until next time fur-fam


The Luka-stan


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