The Dogs

Bently’s Favourite Day

Oh hi fur-fam Bently here!

Ahh What a day what a day, the warmth of the sheets and blankets surrounding me like a cocoon. The loud buzz of dad’s alarm going off, but I just lay there waiting for him to awake and turn off the inferno of noise radiating from that darn machine; I can just lay here as long as I please; mummy has the day off. And on this day off, she is having a day of rest, or a “lazy day” as she calls it; when we simply just snuggle, watch movies, talk about the blog all day long. It’s just really the best time ever, wouldn’t you agree Soph? Uh Soph?

Hmm Soph seems to be having a little snooze cruise at the moment.. haha well in other news, my mum and I were talking, we kind of think a DIY paw print decorations post would be awesome, to replace the ones Soph had a snacker-treate on. Something super easy for this time of year, even kids would be able to do it, with parental help of course. So we’re thinking maybe posting something like that in a couple of days. Can’t wait it’s going to be sooooooo fun, and being able to decorate them how ever we want is just going to be the bestest time, ever. I think the tree will look even better than it did before.

Can’t wait to see you guys again soon!



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