Um excuse me mum, let me in!

So from time to time I enjoy a sneak out the door with my canine sibblings, mum and dad don’t like it one bit; but I obviously love it. Once I’m tuckered out and have had my fun I come to the front door and stare at mum or dad through the window until they see me to let me in. They can never help but laugh every time they see me though, so I just keep doing it; that way they’re []

The Tale of The Turned Off Alarm

Let me tell you the tale of the morning dad turned off mum’s alarm. I awoke to the loudest buzzing, I hate that alarm clock; it’s startlingly loud. As I pry my eyes open I notice dad roll out of bed half asleep; normally I wake mum up when it’s her alarm, but it seemed to be dads so I was confused because it was so early. He looked at the alarm in confusion and I thought he hit snooze because he []

New coats

Bently here, So today Grandma came to visit and she brought us NEW COATS ! They are so toasty warm; mum thinks []

All the Mischief I Never Did

I myself, a dog, love to get into mischief from time to time. I’m just so curious about everything; I need to know every sound, smell, and experience new things. My mum tries to expose me to different things from time to time, she says to teach me how to react in certain situations. I am a bit of a wild child, so I like to just go for the ride. Just the other day her and dad took me and Bently []

A Cat’s Experiment

Good morning fellow fur fam, Luka here. So I have continued my experiments over the last few weeks and I would like to share my findings with you. This all began a few weeks ago when it was brought to my attention that by calling my humans mum and dad and putting in some hard snuggle time that I, in return, would be awarded more food, treats, and affections. After careful experiments I have found that, the nicer I am to the []