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New coats

Bently here,

So today Grandma came to visit and she brought us NEW COATS ! They are so toasty warm; mum thinks they’re sooo cute!

Sophee and I can’t wait to try them out on our next walk!!

Until next time fur family!


The Dogs

All the Mischief I Never Did

I myself, a dog, love to get into mischief from time to time. I’m just so curious about everything; I need to know every sound, smell, and experience new things. My mum tries to expose me to different things from time to time, she says to teach me how to react in certain situations. I am a bit of a wild child, so I like to just go for the ride.

Just the other day her and dad took me and Bently to a different family members house, I think she said it was her aunt and uncle’s house. I knew right when we pulled in that this is where my best fur pal “Hemi” lived, I could smell him already!

If you don’t know who Hemi is, he is my cousin, a French bulldog with more energy than even I could produce.

As we walked into the house I could hear him coming from a mile away, I braced myself. Our greetings get a bit “rambunctious” as mum would say. we just get so excited to see each other we bounce from the walls!

When the parents sit and start their visit, dad has coffee; but I don’t realize in time, and take a flying leap onto his lap. Mum said I sprang through the air like a deer! Oh No ! Coffee went flying, everywhere! Dad was not too happy with me, that coffee was hot, mum ran cool water on my leg to make sure I wasn’t burned- I wasn’t hurt physically, just my pride from the fact that I made such a silly decision. I apologized to my dad after, and he apologized for giving me so much trouble it was a accident he said.

After all the commotion in the house, I mellow out a bit; Hemi still a ball of energy needs some time to cool off. So I lay down and relax a bit while mum visits and dad went out to work on the car in the shop. Mum said aside from the coffee incident, I was being such a good girl for my first time in someone else’s house; she was pleasantly surprised. I don’t know why she was so surprised, I’m ALWAYS on my best behaviour.

Later on in the day I was pooped, Bently was pooped; dad laughed because as soon as we got into the car we were down for the count; just completely out cold.

When I awoke we were home, mum carried Bently into the house, and dad carried me, I was soooo sleepy that I fell back asleep inside for the rest of the evening, I could hear the two of them giggling at me so being so pooped; but I was just too tired to care.

A day full of fun, and new experiences; can’t wait until the next visit; though I wont be jumping on a cup of coffee this time.

Until Next time fur family!


The Dogs

Bently’s Favourite Day

Oh hi fur-fam Bently here!

Ahh What a day what a day, the warmth of the sheets and blankets surrounding me like a cocoon. The loud buzz of dad’s alarm going off, but I just lay there waiting for him to awake and turn off the inferno of noise radiating from that darn machine; I can just lay here as long as I please; mummy has the day off. And on this day off, she is having a day of rest, or a “lazy day” as she calls it; when we simply just snuggle, watch movies, talk about the blog all day long. It’s just really the best time ever, wouldn’t you agree Soph? Uh Soph?

Hmm Soph seems to be having a little snooze cruise at the moment.. haha well in other news, my mum and I were talking, we kind of think a DIY paw print decorations post would be awesome, to replace the ones Soph had a snacker-treate on. Something super easy for this time of year, even kids would be able to do it, with parental help of course. So we’re thinking maybe posting something like that in a couple of days. Can’t wait it’s going to be sooooooo fun, and being able to decorate them how ever we want is just going to be the bestest time, ever. I think the tree will look even better than it did before.

Can’t wait to see you guys again soon!


The Dogs

They grow up so fast

Sophëe is offically five months old, can’t believe how much she has grown; from being this teeny tiny puppy to the big (not so big) dog she is going to be. She is so intelligent; learning tricks sometimes within only a few minutes, and she learned to use her potty bell within only a few times of getting her to ring it and letting her out. So proud of her, she even learned how to use the basement stairs up and down, 😂 we are very proud pet parents. Can’t wait for her to continue learning and growing, and maybe even seeing her goofy ears stand all the way up? Who knows, we will have to wait and see!

So glad we get to share our lives, funny stories and her progress with our wonderful fur-fam!

Until next time,

The Daily Paw Blog Team

The Dogs

Dog vs Christmas tree

Hi fur fam Bently here,

Let me tell you the tale of a tree so pretty; purple, sparkling against its lights glowing bright. All the decorations hung with care in shades of purple, blue and silver, even purple and silver ribbon delicately draped around the tree. When the humans were finished they admired it, every evening they would plug it in and enjoy the warmth and sparkle of the tree.

One day I let myself out of my kennel, it’s simple really, just poke out my paw and lift the latch; I though Sophee would enjoy some freedom as well so lifting the latch she was realesed ! That’s all where it all went wrong, she ran through the house like a tornado, ripping decorations off the beautiful tree chewing them to bits; ALL OVER THE HOUSE. First on the couch glitter everywhere, oh the horror! With the next she carried them to the bed glitter all over the fresh sheets, she even chewed them in the spare bedroom! It was a decoration massacre, not a decoration, that was within reach, was spared.. she even was able to shake the tree and the star fell from the tip top of the tree.

When mom got home, oh I could see the dismay in her eyes; she scolded Soph then me for releasing her. But she couldn’t stay mad forever, could she? She spent hours removing the sparkles from all over the house, washing blankets and pillows. Me and soph had a much needed nap while she cleaned, by the time we awake we were surprised there wasn’t a single sparkle anywhere, what a good job mum- and I was right she couldn’t stay mad. 😉. She even lifted the tree onto a smaller table so it is now out of reach of Soph, but mum says we’ll need new decorations for next year.