The Dogs

All the Mischief I Never Did

I myself, a dog, love to get into mischief from time to time. I’m just so curious about everything; I need to know every sound, smell, and experience new things. My mum tries to expose me to different things from time to time, she says to teach me how to react in certain situations. I am a bit of a wild child, so I like to just go for the ride. Just the other day her and dad took me and Bently []

They grow up so fast

Sophëe is offically five months old, can’t believe how much she has grown; from being this teeny tiny puppy to the big (not so big) dog she is going to be. She is so intelligent; learning tricks sometimes within only a few minutes, and she learned to use her potty bell within only a few times of getting her to ring it and letting her out. So proud of her, she even learned how to use the basement stairs up and down, []

Dog vs Christmas tree

Hi fur fam Bently here, Let me tell you the tale of a tree so pretty; purple, sparkling against its lights glowing bright. All the decorations hung with care in shades of purple, blue and silver, even purple and silver ribbon delicately draped around the tree. When the humans were finished they admired it, every evening they would plug it in and enjoy the warmth and sparkle of the tree. One day I let myself out of my kennel, it’s simple really, []