The Dogs

‘Tis The Season

Oh Hai Fur-family, great to see you again, Bently here!

                It’s that time of year again, when the human’s put up this plastic, purple, tree thing. It sparkles like crazy and they take their time adding each decoration,like every year. They call it a Christmas tree, I enjoy it, but I think a real one would be much better- like an indoor bathroom, JUST FOR ME! But the humans won’t do it, so I’ll just have to stick to going outside; lucky cats, how come they get to go indoors where it’s so nice and warm, and dry?

                The cats get fairly crazy this time of year too, not really sure what it is. They climb the tree; smashing decorations on the floor- luckily they’re plastic too,human says it’s for safety because of the cats! The silly felines even try chewing on it, though the humans try their best to shoo them away, it really is a losing battle, they attack it the whole time they’re out. I kind of think, if the tree had it’s own crate, the cats wouldn’t be able to get at it; but the humans would never go for it.

                I do like this time of year though, we always get all kinds of presents, and get more visitors than any other time of the year; So that means even more bark-tastic greetings for every single visitor. K

The cold and the snow though; I am not a fan of it. It’s wet and it balls up in my fur making it cling to me like a soaked wet shirt. I definitely prefer to stay indoors, where it’s dry and the snuggles are warm.

The Dogs

Puppy Art



I got bored in my crate, so I thought I would surprise the humans with my beautiful artwork.. they weren’t too please with me. My mom human said “Well at least I’m refinishing this in the spring”, what ever that means.


I worked SO hard on it human! I spent hours here and there sneakily nibbleing away, ugh I can’t believe they didn’t like it, like I just can’t belive it! Well maybe I’ll just have to make it more of a bang next time, who knows these humans don’t understand my genious I suppose.


Anyways I’ll let you guys be the judge, Check out the picture I linked and see if you understand the beauty in my work. My humans have no taste in my art.


One angry Soph!

The Dogs

Barktastic Greetings

Oh hai Bently here! I just love when visitors come over to see me, however I go through a few stages before I can calm down and relax.


First I MUST alert the humans! It’s an intruder! Bark bark bark, Pure panic and anxiety kicks me into high gear, bark bark bark.

Then I absolutely must jump all over them, hiya! take that! Normally by this point I recognize their scent making me so excited to see them, OH WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! ITS BEEN DOG YEARS! Still of course I must jump all over them to show my excitement, even the occasional bark, just to say I love you.

Then and only then I will find the closest toy.. sometimes it may even be a mitten or a hat, to bring to the visitor; not as a gift but just to show them all of my bark-tastic stuff of course. I prefer not to share if I don’t have to.


When the visitor finally is able to sit down through the chaos I’ve created with my jumping, barking, and excited energy; I’ll give them a few last kisses and then lay down for a nap phewwf, I’m pooped!

Greetings have gotten me even MORE excited since Soph joined the family! She’s just so curious about every barking thing I do! The difference, for some reason, When the human says no to jumping; get this, she actually STOPS jumping. Just wagging her tail like its some kind of weapon; oh the tail! That’ll be story for another time, Oh that pesky tail, always getting me in the face!

The humans have grown to love my stages with visitors, but seeing Soph’s way of greeting has shown me a new perspective. I wonder how other dogs in other homes greet the visitors to their pack. Leave a comment below, tell us you pawesome way of greeting in your pack! We love hearing from you!


The Bently