About Us

About the team.. and well Fur-fam

Were a wild bunch, that like to keep our humans on their toes!

The Bently

Shih Tzu/Maltese mix,

A comical little pup, with a big corky personality. Bently loves to share his experiences with the world.  


doberman/pug/german shepherd/ and jack russell mix

Soph is always getting into mischief as she learns about the world around her. 

Leonado diCatrio

Orange Tabby mix

Youngest cat and most mischievous, Leo likes to chase his siblings around the house and get into things he shouldn’t. But hey hes just learning like the other two did.

Action Jaxon

Brown Tabby mix

Jaxy loves to be grumpy, thats just his personality; though he loves his fu fam he doesn’t hesitate to give them a grumpy look.


Torti/Tabby mix

Luka is puuuuurfect royalty in this house, she has learn the ways of the snuggle in order to get snacks; she is always looking for the world’s best snack.


Our Human Mum’s name is Jessica who is a huge animal lover that loves to write about our grand adventures and daily life. With big aspirations for our pawsome family’s blog.

Can’t wait for you to join our big adventures, daily lives, and for you to learn and get to know all of our personalities!

Follow our blog and join our fast growing fur-family!

Can’t wait to see you!


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